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Welcome powerful Soul traveler.

If you’ve landed here it’s probably because you are seeking solutions in self empowerment on your Awakening journey, and are desiring to align more with your Souls mission and purpose. And maybe you are simply trying to figure out what that is. Let this be a safe haven where you can allow yourself to be fully “seen” and express yourself, receive powerful support to the deeper questions and challenges that arise when you are beginning to Awaken, and never be judged around what is coming up for you. What is coming up for you is exactly perfect for where you are on your journey right now, for in reality it can be no other way. To be able to explore in this way will provide the most freedom and will allow you to “fast track” your Awakening process.

My Mission: I assist people to step fully into their true passion and Souls purpose and create a lifestyle of freedom and financial success. I successfully achieve this with my clients by helping them remove limiting blocks and beliefs, and by assisting them in “mapping out” their next steps “Freedom Plan”.

I was blessed to meet a Master teacher who taught me “how” this “Dream” we call life works almost 20 years ago, and this man (Don Miguel Ruiz) became my close mentor and teacher. He taught me to question everything, and how to become the “observer” of the patterns of the mind and the Ego, and the games it would play to try to remain in control. Studying this closely for almost 20 years now changed the way I “see” everything in what we call the “external” world of our surrounding life. In 2016 I completed my book “Waking UP In The Dream” as a powerful “road map” that walks one through the dismantling process of limiting beliefs, old wounds from childhood conditioning, how to identify the messages from your “higher self” from the Ego, and the processes of “Consciously” creating ones desired reality, that allows you to bypass the subconscious programs that have been running up until this point in time.

Since that time I have been sharing these powerful tools and concepts with others doing one on one work and facilitating the monthly “Waking UP In The Dream” online group journeys. In both cases, the results happen quickly and the best part about them is that these RESULTS last, unlike many other courses and sessions I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on that only pumped me up while I was doing them, only to slowly return to my old habits and self again after a short amount of time. If you’re ready to claim your next level on your Souls mission, these tools will change the way you “see” everything, and provide you with a formula for confidently navigating beyond what the mind tells you is possible. All the Ego mind wants to do is keep you safe, so it’s going to try and block most “unknowns” which is exactly where ALL of the Magic happens. Can you already “see” that?

What’s the next step? Feel free to browse the sites information. You can also click the link below to schedule a complimentary “Discovery” call with me to dive deeper into providing support for you on your journey, and to see if aligning and journeying together would be a good match. There truly is no obligation whatsoever and being involved in a “Conscious” conversation where UPliftment is the main focus, you will surely come awayy with some powerful benefits either way.

Jeff was personally trained and mentored for over 10 years by world famous author and

Toltec teacher Don Miguel Ruiz (“The Four Agreements” & “The Mastery Of Love”).

With my mentor Don Miguel Ruiz in 2002

Click the pdf link below to download a copy of Chapter 1 from Jeff’s ground breaking book

“Waking UP In The Dream”.

Waking UP In The Dream Chapter 1 pdf download

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