Internal Transformation Specialist, Author, and Self Empowerment Guide

Trained by Toltec Master Don Miguel Ruiz
(Author of “The Four Agreements” & “The Mastery Of Love”)

With my mentor Don Miguel Ruiz at Circle Of Fire 2002.

Jeff’s mission is to uplift, inspire, and create more “game changers” on the planet through the use of powerful tools and listening skills that get to the real root of any challenge. His purpose is to provide support and service to those wishing to find more meaning and joy in their lives. The real truth is that you truly are a magnificent Sovereign, Divine, UNlimited Being! But how many of us actually truly believe that deep in our core?  “Knowing” this is key to you creating, attracting, and maintaining the life that you desire. If you’re here, you’re probably ready to dive deeper and begin living your life “on purpose” doing something that truly moves and inspires you. There will never be a better time in the future to get started. NOW is the time! Allow me to be a catalyst and a guide for you with my many years of using these powerful tools. Your “aha” moments are going to start happening the moment you decide to join me on this journey and the way in which you “perceive” things will never be the same.

Since 2016, I have had the honor of mentoring and guiding hundreds of men and women into true self empowerment using the powerful and life changing tools I have gathered from my own journey into Awakening. My training, my own life traumas, and experiences have given me the tools that I have developed over the past 20 years to get to the “root” of any issue. What I have found is that most of us are wounded in some way, and this usually happened when we were children. These wounds run the entire show creating cycle after cycle of repeating patterns until they are uncovered and met. And what I’ve found is that there aren’t hundreds of them. Only about 4 or 5 show up with client after client. Deeply rooted and many times hidden feelings of lack, unworthiness, fear of judgement, and the inability to forgive oneself or another are the main themes. The good news is that once we shine the Light on them, we can begin to dismantle them rather quickly. I have seen people shed decades of trauma in under 30 days or less. Sometimes these are people that have been seeing psychiatrists or psychologists for decades with very little results. The process is safe, extremely effective, and only requires one to be willing. I know what it’s like to be there and so I’ve spent the last 20 years learning how to guide people back into Wholeness. If you’re reading this, the invitation is here for you.

My Story

Jeff has been a seeker for most of his life. From a young age, he always felt a deep connection with people, nature, animals, and all of life.  It wasn’t until years later in life that he realized that he was an empath and was able to feel things that others did not appear to sense or feel on a very deep level. Empaths are very sensitive souls that are able to “tune into” energies and as a result of this sensitivity, they tend to be very compassionate, because much of what they feel can be painful in the body, whether it is the pain in the world or an issue with a particular individual or animal. This is a very useful trait in this line of work where tuning into the energies of an individual is of most importance, as the story that one tells or believes is not always the underlying root cause of an issue. It is a blessing but can sometimes feel like a curse to the one that experiences the sometimes very intense energies.

Jeff’s life changed quite drastically one day at age 7 when he came home from school and was told that his father had died in a plane crash and was never coming home. This was a father that he never really knew. Jeff’s father was always traveling every week as part of his job as a salesman and was only home on weekends. Whether his father loved him or not was not even considered by him on that dark day. This young boy had no way of processing that type of traumatic information.

This information resulted in a complete shutdown where Jeff unconsciously closed himself off to much of the outside world, and made some agreements that remained locked away for over 2 decades. The young Jeff had been an altar boy in catholic school up until 9th grade and was never taught the tools and awareness that are required to live a life of true freedom! Instead he was taught to fear God, that miracles rarely occur, and that you are more likely to go to hell than to heaven, especially if you have ever used profanity or even thought about the opposite sex! Talk about a recipe for misery! He had been programmed for misery by a religion that was supposedly founded on the principle of love! Sound familiar? What a great setup to control the masses! This has actually happened to all of us in different ways, regardless of whether or not religion was ever involved. Society has been famous for limiting our potential, our wonderful ideas, and our desire to be the unique, one of a kind Souls that we truly already are! Life added in a couple of step-fathers along the way during Jeff’s adolescent and teenage years that brought more confusion along with physical and mental abuse, that would eventually be a catalyst to drive him deeper within.

These events and others inevitably put Jeff on a course of seeking that spanned over 20 years, where during that time he would either end up having to meet every belief, story, judgement, anger, resentment,  and every other emotion that he was not taught how to deal with, or live the rest of his life not understanding his true purpose which was an unacceptable option for him. Somewhere around 1995, Jeff’s past experiences and his inability to make sense of his re-occurring emotions and life situations brought him to the edge. His intuition was guiding him, and he knew that he was struggling to find peace and his reason for being here. A depression set in, triggered by a lost love and several other factors, that he didn’t have the tools or training to process and learn from. At one point, after seriously contemplating suicide and the true meaning of life, (if there even was one), Jeff started asking questions that mattered to him. Questions that resonated from deep within his Soul, that he had never heard others ask. At least not in the mainstream, and rarely if ever among his family and friends. He started asking important questions that most people weren’t comfortable talking about. It wasn’t their fault that they didn’t have the answers. They had received the same limiting “programming” that he had! The more questions he asked, the more he started receiving intuitive messages like we all do, but the “learned” behaviors and programming seemed to be too strong to allow any new information in, especially if no one else that he knew ever talked about stuff this deep. This new information also threatened the Ego’s identity of just who “Jeff” perceived himself to be, based on the stories and beliefs that he had gathered through memory and experience since childhood.

(Note: When one starts to question their stories and beliefs that they currently believe are true about themselves, it can take a little courage to be willing to “see” and break those beliefs that are no longer serving them. This is where a skilled coach or guide can be extremely instrumental in “reflecting” back any “blind spots”, perceived limitations, or wounds from the past that may be keeping one stuck. Without the Awareness to “see” hows these beliefs and programs are operating, it makes it quite difficult to move forward on your path to freedom, as these energetic beliefs and patterns are sure to recreate the same situations again and again until they are exposed and dismantled.)

So, Jeff continued on his journey, living a pretty decent life of ups and downs, but he kept feeling intuitively that there had to be more to this life than living “inside the box” that society had imposed upon him. He basically had no “inner” peace and was never taught how to achieve it. He found out about meditation and he studied and practiced it intensely, but he realized that although quieting the mind can be an essential part in gaining some peace and clarity, it was not completely effective in understanding how the mind operates with the deep programming that it had been conditioned with, or how to unravel it.

It wasn’t until years later that he had an awakening of awareness after meeting and apprenticing with Don Miguel Ruiz (author of “The Four Agreements”, “The Mastery Of Love”, and “The Voice Of Knowledge”. Miguel shared some profound insights and tools with Jeff to invite him to question everything he had been taught. Tools that would eventually help him to awaken from his own programming, judgements and limitations.

At first, Jeff felt resistance and fear, because he soon realized that he was pretty much running an “automatic” program which had a mind of its own, and was pretty much out of control and running his life! This became a major turning point. Just “seeing” how this illusory Dream state that we are operating in, as energetic beings, was a glimpse of clarity that he needed to start questioning everything that he was taught to believe! Many years followed of continuous close study with Miguel and the other Toltec teachers (Toltec means an “Artist of Life”), along with some incredibly significant “power journeys” and deep immersions into the “self” that took place all over the country, at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, as well as journeys to the Amazon, Peru, Macchu Picchu and more. These were journeys deep into the “self” within. They were not vacations to “get away” from something. They were journeys that took a lot of courage to go within and truly “see” how his pieces of stored information and beliefs that he chose to hang onto during his life, were actually all that were running his life! And most people are running on this “automatic” pilot without ever having the awareness that it is happening! Many people are judging and defending everything, and are so afraid to let go of their “false” self of identity of who they “believe” that they are, for fear that they won’t know “who” to be or how to act if their construct of false beliefs falls away! Nothing could be further from the Truth! It’s all a game folks! We are simply here to remember our magnificent God selves!

For the past 15 years, Jeff has continued to apprentice with don Miguel Ruiz and has had the blessing of being one of the few people to be part of don Miguel Ruiz’ prestigious Dreaming group, as well as delving into eastern philosophies, Buddhism, quantum physics, and many different healing techniques and modalities. He is constantly expanding his knowledge and has put together some very powerful tools for transforming ones life. He is committed to helping others achieve freedom and joy in their lives by being a kind and compassionate reflection, holding space for clearing stuck energies or beliefs, and always seeing others in their highest light. If you’re seeking real lasting change in your life, you’ve landed in a good place! So feel free to look around and ask questions. Question everything, but don’t allow your “automatic” judgements towards new information to get in your way! You will have to become good at watching and monitoring each and every thought and emotion that arises or gets triggered from now on. This will prove to be the key to a new level of seeing and awakening that will start to become very exciting if you just give it a chance. It will eventually become second nature to you, so don’t ever give up!

During our work together you are sure to have many “aha” moments as you free yourself from limitations, old wounds, memories etc, and step into the life that you truly desire! And NO!, it is not too good to be true! It’s the real reason why you are here! I have witnessed myself and many others do it over the past two decades. If we can do it, you can do it! Have faith. If you’ve read this far, then just listen to your intuition (not the judge! The judge hasn’t helped you so far has he?).

Working together with me will safely allow you to get to the root of  your “core” stories, wounds, and beliefs. Once you see how you have been believing and protecting a story or pattern in order to feel safe, the spell will be broken, because once the light of Awareness is shined upon it, it loses its power. If it shows up again, (and it may if it has been a long held emotional trigger), the deciding difference will be that you now have the Awareness that it is an old story from the past, and I will share with you simple techniques that will no longer allow it to have the power and control over you that it did in the past! In essence, it will just fade away on its own, because you are no longer “feeding” the emotional trigger, which was the old painful event, story, or memory! It’s extremely empowering once you get the hang of it!

In our sessions, your stories, problems, or issues will be safely broken down and reflected back to you in a way that will give you some real “aha” moments that will be the clear catalyst for you moving forward. And it does not need to be painful or intense. Quite the contrary! When one finally let’s go of baggage that is no longer serving them, the relief is incredible and many people describe it as feeling like a completely different person! I have never done a session where someone did not have an extremely valuable “aha” moment or breakthrough. I have witnessed people shedding years of pain, trauma, guilt, shame, resentment, anger, and sadness many times in a single session. If you’re ready to experience a breakthrough, or would like someone to assist you in moving forward with any challenge, dream, or goal, it will be my honor to assist you.

Here’s to you living your greatest life and fulfilling your Soul’s mission.
Let’s get started!

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“Having spent time connecting with you and also reading your transformational book, “Waking UP In The Dream” I can personally attest to the powerful, inspiring, and practical application of your insights and deeply expansive wisdom. Anyone who works with you in your “Mastery Of Awareness” course will be magnificently transformed in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. Sending you an abundance of Love, support, and gratitude for ALL you do”.

Peter Clark Nelson, USA

Jeff is a beautiful and powerful being, his light is bright and steady. I can only be grateful to life for having introduced me to such a beacon of light. Jeff is generous, truthful, sensible and on point. His gift to me was very special, he has unlocked some doors that were invisible to me and has shown me that there is nothing to fear to go on in my path spreading wisdom and love safely. I trust Jeff blindly, he is genuine, friendly and warm! Thank you Jeff for your existence in my life!

Lara Y. Australia

Atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico

Atop the Pyramid Of The Sun in Teotihuacan Mexico

Atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico