One Of The Most Empowering Questions You May Ever Ask:



In this life we all go through challenges that have been laid out on the path to give us an opportunity to become the next grandest version of ourselves on this journey. Having faith and trusting that everything is happening for our highest good is the path of a Warrior and a Peacemaker. So when something appears to go wrong or is challenging, often more times than not, it is a blessing in disguise. When we are able to calmly view these situations and ask ourselves “What is the gift here?”, “What is this trying to teach me on my Souls journey”?, we step out of resistance and into the flow of life where more infinite opportunities can show up.

When someone or something triggers you or pushes your buttons, immediately just STOP. Pause and take a breath.
Responding from a triggered emotional state will always add more “fuel to the fire” and the situation will usually escalate. With “Awareness” you will come to see that this uncomfortable feeling that just got triggered can be a huge “Gift” on your path of spiritual growth! It is a priceless opportunity on your journey of evolution to not become triggered, or react and respond from emotion!! When you finally realize that your “triggers” are usually “automatic” response patterns that you learned growing up, you now have the power by using your Awareness to no longer let them affect you the way they did in the past! This becomes extremely freeing and liberating! The awareness to “see” these triggers with new eyes becomes a big gift.

Once you figure out that responding calmly without an emotional reaction always yields better results, you will also come to find that you will rarely attract these situations in the future, because you are “disarming” the automatic energetic charge you once held that played a role in attracting them. And if it does continue to occur with a particular person or situation, then the gift now becomes a clear signpost that you are no longer supposed to be involved with this person or situation. We get into trouble when we fail to listen to these signs from our intuition or emotional guidance system. When we choose to listen to our intuition (or higher self) and follow its lead, and we take the appropriate action while staying out of fear, we move in the exact direction that we are supposed to be going in.

When working with people to empower them or to create a breakthrough, much of what I share and “reflect” with them is the “opposite” of what we were taught, or how we believe that we are supposed to react in any given situation. Feeling “justified” in your reaction by blaming your emotions on someone else is an act of “projecting” your insecurities instead of having the Awareness to “see” that this is the next place within YOU that needs attention, as it’s a clear sign of where you are still holding judgmental frequencies.  This is why these triggers are your keys to freedom. This is an extremely powerful concept to understand and put into practice. It’s essential to your happiness!

Unless you cultivate the awareness to “see” another way of viewing your reactions and beliefs, one will continue to create the same discordance over and over! With a newly developed Awareness and “knowing” of how this 3D reality gets created energetically, we now see that that which we tend to resist or label as “bad” contains the biggest Gifts for transformation! You see, when one is “against” or opposing anything, they are in a place of resistance to “what is”.

This certainly does not mean that one is supposed to love or even like everything that is showing up in their dream, but knowing and responding from a place of Awareness is the key to shifting everything.

If you keep projecting your wounds from the past consciously or subconsciously onto yourself or outwardly onto others, you are in essence just using that story or belief as an excuse against yourself or another, to avoid dealing with the real internal issue at hand. This story or judgement has an real energy to it. A life of its own if you will. If you continue to give this story from the past your energy, even if it is done subconsciously, that energetic signature will continue to attract that which you don’t want over and over. The real reality of it is that you could just CHOOSE to be Loving yourself in that “present” moment, as soon as you realize that you have been triggered, instead of using an old excuse to deny yourself love & happiness!

So remember to have the Awareness to ask yourself “What Is The Gift Here?” and watch everything in your life transform! This one is deep and it is a very powerful tool that can transform every area of your life!

Remember To Always Do Your Best To Maintain Inner Peace.

Keep practicing and be kind to yourself!