Achieve your short or long term goals much quicker, with a custom
tailored simple step by step plan to implement. The tools and
world class support that you will receive from me will get you
results often times way beyond what you were hoping to achieve.
I’ll share my most powerful transformational tools with you, and inspire you
to begin to manifest with zero limitations. I’ll also hold you accountable and
lift you up when you’re feeling challenged. The bottom line is: together we get
RESULTS, and we have a good time doing it too!

Jeff in “The Temple Of Light” 2019

I am committed to making sure that a powerful Shift happens for you, and together we always get powerful and life changing results. I hold a powerful space of support for you and I clearly show you how together we’re going to achieve the desired goal, while stepping into it with an ease that many can’t allow themselves to “see” or have. My goal is to always exceed your expectations, because I know that any limitations we have are a product of the mind. I work with my clients and their energetic bodies. Together we will map out the doable steps that will get you to where you want to be. Together, we will achieve RESULTS. I’ll also share with you how to step into the power of your virtually untapped Souls potential every time moving forward, so you can repeat the process and take your results to the next level every time.

Most of our Souls are holding certain energies and frequencies that have been shaped by what we experienced during our childhood. The only way to balance and heal these experiences and live as the powerful Creators that we truly are, and to be in our Truth, is by doing the “inner” work, and making peace with and clearing any experiences that are still creating limiting behaviors and decisions based on lack or unworthiness. NOTHING on the outside will satisfy our Soul unless we have the willingness to meet this aspect of ourselves. I see this with every single person that I work with. The great news is that this is the KEY to freeing ourselves from the “cycles” that we keep creating when this is not met and balanced. The great news is that as long as one is willing to simply be honest and uncover those parts that were a part of our adolescent journey, an entirely new level of freedom and empowerment is patiently waiting to be unlocked on the other side.

Together we will map out a plan that will get you the positive results
you are seeking in the shortest amount of time.

All you are invited to do is to say YES to your worthiness.

Below is the drop down menu where you can schedule your session. When payment is received, you will receive an email within 24 hours or less notifying you of available times. If for some reason we are unable to schedule a time within 5 days of placing your order that works for both parties, I will be happy to refund your payment if you desire. 

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All sessions are recorded for review to revisit the insights we covered on our calls.

Our Breakthrough and “life mapping” sessions together will assist you in coming to a place of greater peace and clarity, no matter what you have been through or are currently going through in life. You will be safely and skillfully guided into a place of self-empowerment and freedom that you may not have even thought possible with your current beliefs and whatever challenges you are facing. This is where “showing up” for you changes everything. With an open mind, you will experience some big “aha” moments as we safely unravel whatever challenges, subconscious blocks, or current issues that you are facing, and we’ll turn your challenges and desires into catalysts for positive shifts moving forward, as well as mapping out the steps to take to ensure your success of you fulfilling your Soul’s mission for why you came here this time.

After your call, you will walk away from your session feeling empowered with a renewed sense of who you truly are and a road map of CLEAR action steps to address your issues and get you your desired outcomes. You’ll also receive a full recording of our session together (should you choose) to review and reflect on which is extremely powerful, as you’ll be able to listen to your story from a different point of view and level of detachment, and you’ll get to hear the feedback and clear action steps once again so you don’t miss or forget anything that was clarified on your call.

Many people tend to hold a lot of energy around their challenges and what they believe it would take to change them, but the truth is they really don’t know and they get stuck, otherwise they would have already made the changes. This is completely common and not something to judge or use against yourself. We all need help and guidance on this path sometimes. An important question to ponder is: what would it feel like to have the life that you desire and that you truly deserve after implementing your new road map of clarity and having your current issues resolved? To once again experience joy, peace, aligned purpose, and happiness daily within, and in all of your relationships? Imagine what a beautiful gift this new energized “you” will be to yourself, the people you love, and the planet.

I am committed to getting you there with every fiber of my being. These tools simply work. I get to witness people every week step into their power and “own it” like never before. All you have to do is show up for YOURSELF and create the opening. I will be your guide, your support system, and your accountability partner. Together we will initiate powerful shifts on these calls for you moving forward to create the lasting changes that you desire.

Below is the drop down menu where you can schedule your session. When payment is received, you will receive an email within 24 hours or less notifying you of available times. If for some reason we are unable to schedule a time within 5 days of placing your order that works for both parties, I will be happy to refund your payment if you desire. 

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View The Mastery Of Awareness Course Here:

For those that are ready to go “all in” and create massive shifts in every area of their lives, the 30 Day “Waking UP In The Dream Transformational Experience” mentoring program (click on “Self Mastery Course” link for more info) is unlike anything most people have ever experienced before. A complete and total game changer that will catapult you into new areas of consciousness, behavior, and thinking that you may not even know existed. We don’t know what we don’t know until we have the Awareness to see things differently. This is simply because the old stories, limiting beliefs, and programming need to be dismantled and replaced before one can “see” with a new level of conscious awareness. This is what happened to me when my mentor finally showed me how to take the “blinders” off. It was like someone shining a very bright light of clarity into my areas of frustration and confusion. It changed everything for me. And since your mind can usually only see what you will lose by taking a leap of faith, and it can never measure what you might gain, a certain level of trust is required here.

The people that go through this program all have life changing breakthroughs which affect all areas of their lives because number one: they have chosen to show up with an open mind and suspend their current beliefs, and number two, they are re-writing the old outdated “programs” that they have been using to navigate through life with.

If you have questions about the full program, feel free to reach out and we can connect on a call to see if it is a good fit for both of us. The first requirement is that you be willing to look at your “stuff” (old stories, beliefs, patterns, judgements, fears, worries etc) and be OPEN to new information and a way of seeing things. You will be finding YOUR own truth, not mine. I will be guiding you as deep as you are willing to go and the results will be life changing.

Below is a drop down menu where you can reserve your space for the course. When payment is received, I will personally reach out and connect with you to understand where you are at currently, the challenfes you may be facing, and to learn how I can best assist you in the program and on your Souls mission moving forward. 

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“Having spent time connecting with you and also reading your transformational book, “Waking UP In The Dream” I can personally attest to the powerful, inspiring, and practical application of your insights and deeply expansive wisdom. Anyone who works with you in your “Mastery Of Awareness” course will be magnificently transformed in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. Sending you an abundance of Love, support, and gratitude for ALL you do”.

Peter Clark Nelson

I love working with Jeff! He has so many gifts to share with the world. He makes me feel safe and empowered when I am down and afraid and don’t know what to do. He is a tremendously insightful coach that has helped me in so many ways. He has wonderful mirroring capabilities and really makes communication safe and free. Jeff is one of those rare individuals that has truly done his work and his powerful reflections and insights have me seeing how life works in a completely different way. As a result of working with him, I am a completely different person. Confident, happy, and empowered!”

Candice G. Honolulu, Hawaii

Jeff has a way of getting right to the “core” issue and opening our eyes to new ways of seeing things by reflecting back his powerful and honest wisdom. I am so grateful for his unwillingness to let me hold onto my old limiting patterns and stories. He does it in such a kind and soft way. My work with him has created lasting change that I couldn’t seem to get out of any books or courses.”

Stephanie L.  Sedona, Arizona

Jeff is a beautiful and powerful being, his light is bright and steady. I can only be grateful to life for having introduced me to such a beacon of light. Jeff is generous, truthful, sensible and on point. His gift to me was very special, he has unlocked some doors that were invisible to me and has shown me that there is nothing to fear to go on in my path spreading wisdom and love safely. I trust Jeff blindly, he is genuine, friendly and warm! Thank you Jeff for your existence in my life!

Lara Y, Australia

I had been putting off moving forward in my life because change scares me. I just watched your training on “Mastering Your Conscious Awareness” and took so many notes. I absolutely loved your training! I’ve watched, listened, and read so many things on conscious awareness, always the “what you should do” and “why you should do this” but I haven’t come across anything until now that explains HOW to raise conscious awareness. I am SO grateful to you for sharing this with me and for following up!!!

Kim D. – Texas

Your Mastery of Awareness training was Humongous! Its a game changer. It’s something I totally forgot about too as I have focused on other areas. I was noticing how judgemental I was straight after watching it! Big shift to come then.

Craig G. UK

Jeff…that was great stuff…I definitely will be using these tools and putting this into effect…thank you so much…I love it…I love you.…You really put a lot of things into perspective for me that I’ve been coming to realize but still struggling with in my own awakening enlightenment and deprogramming and increase of my conscious awareness that I think this way of thinking and becoming a watcher will help me overcome…I was able to relate to even a lot of minute subtleties and ideas and viewpoints you had where I’ve been questioning my own or feeling unsure…finding the truth…thats my journey right now…feeling…calming my mind…I know this will bring me peace and happiness.

And, I’ll definitely be passing on the info and sharing…you’re right, this stuff should be taught in school and everywhere else.
God bless you.

Steve R. California

Jeff has been a massive influence and support to me. As a life coach he has helped me change my whole perspective on life.

Before working with Jeff I felt alone, burned out, and with no light at the end of tunnel. I was not in touch with my emotions and didn’t really understand them either. Jeff helped me look a life in a completely different way. I now have my eyes open and am aware of my true feelings, desires and what I want in life. I can honestly say this has transformed my life to someone who is content, in touch with my emotions, enjoy my work, take time to enjoy ME and my relationships are thriving. I also have the tools to deal any shit that gets thrown my way without it having a massive negative affect on my mindset like it used to.

I would highly recommend Jeff as life coach and mentor. If anyone wants to private msg me to discuss my experience please feel free.

Mark Cullingford, UK.

OMG….you truly are an answer to my prayer. what you are saying in the training, is sooooo on time with what I’m going through and you’re the first one that brought a huge revelation to me.

As I realize yesterday, that most of my pain and misery comes from me judging constantly myself, so severely, ending up hating myself so much, that it would make me believe, I am not worthy to be here, to breathe the air, and I am a waste of everything, time, energy, the miracle of life.

So when you said, that the main addiction on the planet is judgement, it was like……..he’s answering and explaining more on what I realized just yesterday. No one ever said that before. I got myself into sooo much drama, and pain, that I literally was screaming out loud, very loud, into the pillow, for hours.

And I started to believe I’m going crazy and the only hope for me, is mental hospital. sad reality. hearing you, clarifying those points, illuminating it, it’s really huge for me now and huuuuge relief. I am deeply touched and grateful for the work you’ve done and for your sharing your tips.

Anya J. Houston, Texas

I wanted to share that I met Jeff not even a month ago. And only a few conversations later has helped me believe and trust in myself on a deeper level. Reminding me there’s a gift in everything. He’s very inspirational and has uplifted me, giving me not only hope and confidence but also a new perspective.

He’s very connected, compassionate and a deep loving soul who speaks from his heart. I am truly grateful for Jeff and would highly recommend getting in touch and working with him. It will be life changing!

Jodi W. Australia

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