“Waking Up In The Dream”

“Raising Your Conscious Awareness
to Create Your Dream Life”

A Truly Groundbreaking Road Map Guide For “Exiting The Matrix” and
Soul Empowerment On Ones Awakening Journey.

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“Waking UP In The Dream is a Master guide in undoing limiting “programming” and belief”systems”,that will empower you to reclaim your Soul’s divine limitless nature, and enable youto step more fully into your true purpose for coming here this time.

The “Waking UP In The Dream” book contains immense value that cannot be measured by the egoic mind, as raising ones Conscious Awareness completely opens up doors that were not visible before. It is filled with “aha” moments for those that are ready.

This powerful life changing guide will Awaken you to “see” much of what has been hidden from you by closely examining your belief system, how it has been limiting and controlling you, and how your Ego has been defending it to keep you in lower vibrational states. By having you repeat cycles of thoughts over and over, the Ego has had you believing that “it” was “who” you are.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Ego is an energetic “program” that needs to “feed” on low vibrational thoughts and emotions in order to remain in control. Judgements, fears,doubts, unworthiness, lack of forgiveness, and other “non-loving” low vibrational thoughtsand reactions are the energetic emotions it needs to survive.

This Awakening can be a bit shocking at first. Then it will begin to give you your power andfreedom back, once you begin to truly see how the “programs” were set up to keep you from realizing your true power as a Sovereign Divine Being on your Souls journey. This information, which is easy to understand, will allow you to “see” with an entirely new Awareness which willcreate powerfully positive Shifts in every area of your life moving forward.

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and begin to dismantle your programs & limiting beliefs.

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“Having spent time connecting with you and also reading your transformational book, “Waking UP In The Dream” I can personally attest to the powerful, inspiring, and practical application of your insights and deeply expansive wisdom. Anyone who works with you in your “Mastery Of Awareness” course will be magnificently transformed in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. Sending you an abundance of Love, support, and gratitude for ALL you do”. 

Peter Clark Nelson

Author. Ghostwriter. Content, Sales & Marketing Adviser Breakthrough Strategist. Unity Consciousness Activist


“An outstanding contribution to the growth and evolution of humankind. Packed to the brim with supervaluable tools and strategies for awakening the highest version of yourself.”

Matthew Patti, Creator/Founder Soul Business Academy, Australia

This book is the result of my journey down the rabbit hole and into my awakening process. Through deep pain, shame, guilt, sorrow, unworthiness, and even contemplating taking my own life at my lowest point, I learned that there is a teaching contained in every interaction and situation that is presented to us on this journey, once we learn to have the Awareness to look for it, instead of reacting and responding with old, limiting, and fear based thought patterns. Having the awareness to trust in this truth will change your life in ways that you could have never imagined. This was one of the biggest lessons that I eventually learned to put into practice and really “own”. The most challenging and painful situations usually contain the biggest gifts because they force us to meet our “edges” and go deeper.  These are the catalysts that invite us to no only go go deeper, but when we learn to stop resisting what is showing up by judging it or pushing it away, we stop the cycle of having to learn that lesson again. This is covered in the book in great detail and will completely change the life of anyone that “gets” it, that’s a promise.

Even if you are in resistance to some of the concepts presented here, (as I was when they were first reflected to me by my teacher), just reading this information will create some “aha” moments and plant some powerful seeds. When one is first beginning to Awaken, the tendency is for the ego to want to be in control and any new information that comes in that goes against ones personal beliefs is usually seen as a threat to the “false” identity that the ego has created. With a skilled guide or teacher that has been through these waters, one will begin to “see” the illusion that has been keeping them in a state of bondage, fear, doubt, guilt, shame, unworthiness, or any other number of disempowering traits that we take on until we can “see” with a new awareness. I am so happy to share my experiences, vulnerability, highs and lows, and “aha” moments with the you. This is called being “on purpose” and I want that feeling and result for you as well. These tools simply work. All you have to do is show up with an open mind.

If you’re looking to create major positive shifts in your life and create a magical life by design instead of a life where others tell you how it’s supposed to be done, you will find great power in this information which provides lasting results, not just temporary fixes. Thanks for reading, and for bringing your own uniqueness into the world.

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Jeff was just honored to be a featured speaker on the “Ignite A Life You Love” global radio summit. In the audio interview below, he discusses his new book “Waking UP In The Dream” as well as shares cutting edge tools and techniques for designing and living your dream life. This requires one to fully step into their power by leaving all stories, judgements, and resistance to what is showing up in their lives behind. You’ll learn how everything that is showing up in your life is a gift that you attracted for your Souls advancement on your journey, and be given awareness tools to look for the reason “within” as opposed to projecting the cause of your problems as external. You’ll then begin to use these messages to live a life of non-resistance, freedom, and joy by recognizing and leaving your old patterns behind.

To read about and purchase a copy of the new book “Waking UP In The Dream” click here

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Here is Jeff’s powerful interview from the Ignite A Life You Love Global Summit:

      The Ignite A Life You Love Global Radio Summit Interview With Jeff Cloud

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